I Feel Old


So I may have not kept up with my blogging schedule.


So today is my birthday, my 14th to be exact, and I feel old.
Very very old.
On March 9th:

  • Amerigo Vespucci, the namesake of America, was born, 1451
  • Kissing in public was made illegal in Naples upon pain of death, 1562
  • The Treaty of Stolbovo ended the occupation of Northern Russia by Swedish troops, 1617

(I guarantee that is the only time you will ever see the word Swedish next to the word troops)

  • Napoleon Bonaparte marries some French lady with an unpronounceable name, 1796 And they divorce. Fun.
  • The mailbox was patented,1858

(Before that it was just called the letter basket or some lame shit like that.)

  • Stalin was buried, 1953
  • Mexican police arrested the leader of the Tijuana drug cartel, 2002
  • Lil ole me was born, 2002

Feel old yet?
Today’s challenge:

Try not to call old people old. They glare at you.